Angel Investor Directory

An angel investor is a wealthy individual whom you can turn to, to fund your business when all other financing options have been exhausted. Angel investors are often willing to take risks by investing in small businesses or start-up companies, but at a higher rate of return. Finding an angel investor, who would be all ready to invest in your business idea is not a deal which can be achieved by snap of a finger, there’s a lot of hard work which goes in to finding the right angel investor. One of the easier ways you can get in touch or find an angel investor for getting funds is with the help of an angel investor’s directory.

An angel investor’s directory includes top angel investors, bios and contact details for interested entrepreneurs. Some websites also include a feature in their angel investor’s directory in which angel investor groups can contact entrepreneurs and young businesses hoping to expand. The angel investor’s directory is thus a great resource for anyone interested in angel investors.

An angel investor’s directory is simply a list of angel investors and angel investor networks. Thus, it helps in finding angel investors. Entrepreneurs seeking angel funding find an angel investor directory to be crucial in their search for funding. These angel investor directories are important because the first step of an entrepreneur in obtaining early stage angel funding is usually to contact any angel investors that they already know. After his network of contacts has been exhausted, an entrepreneur may consult an angel investor directory. Most business angel investors fund companies relatively close to their homes, so an individual who is seeking funding needs to find angel investors in the directory that are in his area geographically. Because of this, most angel investor directories are arranged by geography.

The angel investor’s database is an in-depth electronic directory of many individual angel investors and angel investor groups in an Excel format, PDF format, HTML or WORD formats. The angel investor’s directory is created for the fund managers, consultants and institutions or entrepreneurs who wish to work more closely with angel investors. The angel investor’s directory may be used to help develop relationships with these organizations.

The objective of an angel investor’s directory is to provide the most accurate and up-to-date addresses, phone numbers and other essential details of angel investors in their list. An angel investor’s directory is more than just a tool for the curious, the people who want to know about the angel investors in their area/country and what businesses do they invest in.

There are many angel investor directories available on the internet today, from a listing of hundreds to thousands of angel investor individuals, groups and networks. First, you need to clearly understand your priorities and your business inside out and have all your business model and presentation crisply prepared before you go ahead and search for your angel investor from the angel investor’s directory. Unless and until you are not clear and passionate about your business idea, you cannot expect any other person to take interest in it or invest in it. Search for your angel investor, from the angel investor directory, if possibly nearby your area or your state as angel investors generally tend to invest in opportunities nearby where they reside.

Instead of searching aimlessly over the internet for an angel investor, it is better that you go ahead and purchase and download one of these angel investors’ directories cause it will narrow down your search to a huge extent and will open you a door of opportunities by providing you with a huge list of registered and trusted angel investor groups, individuals and networks, who can help you get the funds you need for your dream idea or project.

An angel investor’s directory generally has the following data and details:

  • Name of the angel investor or connected sponsoring organization
  • Name of primary and secondary contacts
  • Primary and secondary email addresses
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Full physical address sorted by Country, City, State and Zip Code
  • Website URL of the angel investor firm

An angel investor’s directory will provide you insights into what the angel investors are currently seeking and the types of companies they invest in.

Benefits of Owning the Angel Investor Directory:

  • Gain access to updated contact details of various angel investors
  • Work more efficiently and raise capital faster than you otherwise could
  • Expand your business by approaching the multitude of angel investors listed in the directories with investment proposals
  • Schedule more conference calls and on-site visits with prospects
  • Become more efficient at accessing the capital available through these angel investors listed in the directories
  • Update your old in-house database or directory of angel investors
  • Complete more fully-booked road shows, events and joint venture meetings
  • Enable your team to follow up with leads from industry conferences and meetings
  • Reach concentrated pools of angel investor principals and executives

Finding the right angel investor could help you get your start-up off the ground. Angel investor directories and networks are a good place to start looking for funding. The national and local groups of angels meet, formally or informally, to discuss deals and learn about the best new business opportunities. Each network works in a slightly different way: Some may charge fees for making presentations and some may charge a fee to apply for consideration. Some even require an official introduction to the group by an angel member while others solicit ideas via the group’s Web site.

Possible uses for the angel investors’ directory solution:

  • Wider distribution for press releases and performance updates
  • Networking event or conference announcements
  • Market research and follow up / Raise capital form angel investors
  • Road shows & capital raising conference calls
  • Recruiting or career search assistance

You have to be patient enough and keep searching for your angel investor, because nothing happens in a day. Hard work, patience and passion towards your project will definitely help you reach there and scale you business to new heights.